About us

Guardian Gals, Inc. philanthropy aims to positively aid mankind through the giving of its time, talents and treasure! Guardian Gals, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that helps young girls in 4th through 12th grades use their talents to improve the world through environmental efforts, philanthropy, physical activity & volunteerism.

In regular meetings & with mentors, Guardian Gals members increase self-awareness & confidence & are empowered to become young community leaders. Supervised summer activities teach important lessons the girls may not learn elsewhere, while also reinforcing positive lessons from parents and others in their lives.

Guardian Gals, Inc. is the only program of its kind in the world and was founded in Gaylord, Michigan, by Executive Director, Abby Hamilton, with support from an amazing board of directors, generous volunteers & donors, & the Guardian Gals themselves! You will hear much more from Abby, the Board & the Guardian Gals through these pages, so don’t hesitate to bookmark us and visit often!

We believe all girls & women can embrace who they are,
can define their future, and can change the world.

Our Mission

To actively engage girls and women to ignite positive personal growth & connection.


Our Vision

Is for members to mutually empower & inspire one another to initiate positive, personal, philanthropic, and civil stewardship.

Ignite Positive Personal Change


Pause today for a moment & consider how you can support adolescent girls & women in your sphere of influence. Your words, your connections, & your time are so influential; I hope all of you realize the power you hold to make an impact daily.

Email: abbyhamilton@gmail.com

Phone: 989-390-5749

Registered Charity: 501C-3

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