Without our sponsors’ support, making change would be difficult, to say the least.  
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Does Guardian Gals, Inc. have any FUNDRAISING TIPS to share?

Yes, we have 10 Quick & Easy fundraising tips to share:

Tip #1:  Understand & be ready to talk about Guardian Gals, Inc.

Remember, Guardian Gals, Inc. Empowers: Generosity of Thought & Inspired Action in Gals!

Tip #2:  Each & every donation is welcome.  No amount is too big, nor too small.

Tip #3:  Put in your own $10.

Tip #4:  As you train for the Making Change Event, invite others to participate as well.  If they decline, cheerfully ask them for a $10 pledge.

Tip #5:  Ask Your Spouse/Roommate for a $10 pledge.

Tip #6:  Gather friends/family for a simple & fun benefit:

-Jewelry Sale

-Paid Silence Strike For A Day

-Tea Party For GGals, Inc. Charity

-4th of July Picnic Party

-Fall Harvest Dinner

-House Party W/ Local Musical Entertainment

-Spring, Summer, or Fall Garage Sale

-Cheese & Wine Tasting Event

Tip #7:  Ask 2 Co-Workers For $10.

Tip #8:  Ask 1 neighbor & 1 person from church for a $10 pledge.

Tip #9:  Ask your dentist & doctor for a $10 pledge.

Tip #10:  Ask your hairdresser for a $10 pledge.