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2010 Detroit Civic Leadership Award was presented to Abby Hamilton for her efforts and accomplishments with Guardian Gals, Inc.

Gaylord, MI – Abbigail “Abby” Hamilton is the face we may need to see next to Philanthropy when it’s defined in Webster’s Dictionary. After eight-years of serving as an elementary school teacher and helping do her part to contribute to future generations, she came away feeling that it wasn’t doing enough to teach kids what they really need to know. So, with her husband’s blessing – she quit teaching and immersed herself in Community Service, Giving Back and Planting Positive seeds Full-Time via her amazing vehicle, Guardian Gals, Inc. – a 501(c) 3 organization of individuals that combines Abby’s love of teaching, implementing kindness, giving back, community service and being positive through the wonderfully designed machine known as the Human Body-Spirit, Abby said. 

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Updated 6/23/15