Board of Directors, Members & Empowerment Network



 Founder & Executive Director Abbigail L. Hamilton
has masterfully assembled an extraordinary Empowerment Network for (& with) adolescent through grown-up Guardian Gals!


4th-12th Grade Girls

GGalswordselders& Graduates
9th – 12th Grade Advisors

Generous Volunteers
Community Leaders, Educators, Business Owners, Etc.

Generous Donors
Coffee Pausers


GGalswordsbodKimberly Biddinger
Jennifer Brisette, Secretary
Megan Hacker
Lori Lancaster, President
Erin Mann, Treasurer
Julie Powers
Brandy Riopelle
Taylar Akin
Melissa Casper



4th Grade Program Director, Amy Mertz:

5th-12th Grade Program Director, Mackenzie Morison

Guardian Gals Graduates
Aurora Walchak-Arndt, 1st Guardian Gals, Inc. Graduate; Michigan State University Graduate
Nicole Andrew, 2011
Kelly Nemeth, Grand Valley State University Graduate
Karina Meshka, 2013 Exchange Student
Smilya Vuksanovic, 2013 Exchange Student
Gwen Tithof, 2014 Graduate Central Michigan University, 2014
Holly Moore, Central Michigan University, 2014
Mackenzie Morison, Lawrence Tech University, 2014
Helena Berberian, 2014 Exchange Student
Katie Amar. Fox, 2015 Michigan Tech
Julia Chwatun, Western Michigan University 2015

Guardian Gals, Inc. Parent Ambassadors:
Leonora Walchak
Kim Luczak
Sarah Andrew
Lori Lancaster
Tara & Eric Moore
Carla Parkes (Exchange Students)
Peter Amar & Mary Fox
Jody & Todd Chwatun


 Guardian Gals, Inc. Past Board Members/Programming Directors:
Holly Barresi
Dana Bensinger
Jodi Burger
Kelly Carroll
Jan Cotant, *Former Secretary
Debby Collins
Eryn Collins
Lisa Daly, *Fomer Treasurer
Paddy DuBois
Hannah Ellison
Wendy Frye
Cindy Goddard
Heather Guss
Dana Hall, *Former Secretary
Katie Hall, *Former Program Director
Ashley Hinton, *Former Treasurer
Rachelle Hough, *Former Treasurer
Jamie Korona, *Former Programming Director
Della Lambert
Anna Lovelace
Holly Tubs, *Former Secretary
Kristin Lubs
Monica McGuigan
Lucy McMurtrie
Brandie Meisner, *Former President
Amy Mertz
Kimberly Murphy
Katie Noeske
Ursula Owens
Christie Perdue
Susan Rauser
Jodi Saks
Stacy Shafto
Sheila Simpson, *Former President
Brooke Stahle
Kristy Torsky
Beth Wilson

Updated 9/22/17

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  1. Missy Hartmann


    I was a part of this wonderful program when i was a younger girl and would love to get back in it! I am graduating college this year and will be back in gaylord for a long while. I was wondering if there were any positions open for volunteer or even being on the board? I would love to get in touch!

    Thank you!

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